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Storage Solutions

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Garden Tool Hooks & Cord and Hose Hooks

Garden Tool Hooks & Cord and Hose Hooks

Keep longer handled tools within sight and organized in your shed. From... 

More Storage. Same Space.

SHEDorize storage solutions are built to fit nicely between, in, and around your existing standard stud dimensions in sheds and garages. They are flexible, versatile, and made with the highest Lancaster County craftsmanship. Try out our extra-strong storage hooks and shelves where you store your boat or lawn tractor. Add some shelving or a workbench to maximize your gardening tools and equipment space. Hang some extra shelves in a barn or tool shed. The unfinished wood is stainable and paintable (also available in a white finish), so you can accessorize and add to your décor with beautiful, practical storage. SHEDorize offers stronger and better options than other storage structures, so scroll through our website, reach out with any questions, and decide what works best for you!

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Need a Shed? Easy to Install, Amish-built Shed Kits.

  • Sheds for Small Yards

    Sheds are perfect for small yard areas like row houses, townhouses, duplexes, and retirement homes. Store your seasonal and sports equipment where it is easily accessible but protected from the weather and theft. Many suburban homes have sheds that hold lawn mowers, grills, and patio furniture. And smaller storage sheds in sprawling rural areas are perfect for keeping tools and supplies at the ready – whether it be hay near a pasture or repair equipment close to a fence line. Extra organized storage options are always a bonus, and SHEDorize brings those options to you, complete with long-lasting quality and good looks. Two people with screw guns, a level, and a stepladder (depending how tall you are) are the only tools you need. Shed Kit Installation is available in: PA, NY, NY, DE, MD.

    Suburb & City Sheds 
  • Shed Kits w/ Free Delivery to You

    Designed in Pennsylvania by a shed professional who’s been in the shed industry for over 15 years. These stylish, sturdy sheds come in easy-to-assemble kits with a few basic tools. The kit includes 6-8 large pieces, fasteners, and touch-up paint. The directions are step-by-step and clear, or you can follow the video on our website, or (with just a click of the button during ordering), we can come to you in certain areas and assemble the shed on your property. These small backyard sheds store everything from gardening equipment, tools, patio furniture, grills, and anything you would prefer to keep outside. SHEDorize also offers practical accessories like bike racks, tool racks, workbenches, cord hooks, and shelves designed especially for their sheds.

    Shed Kits Delivered Free 
  • Our Shed Kits are Best

    When choosing a shed kit, choose guaranteed quality construction, top quality materials, and a design built to protect items and withstand the weather. SHEDorize offers all of that, and more. Installing a shed in your yard, alongside your house, or nestled in the corner of a patio is the ideal way to organize your garden supplies, sports equipment, patio furniture, mowers, tools, and cords. From ladders to lumber, gas cans to hand tools, SHEDorize uses clever between-stud shelving for smaller storage and offers lumber/ladder/ski racks for more oversized items. Pop in a sturdy workbench with a pegboard, add some shelves for your battery-powered equipment, and you are set! Hay racks and feed troughs are also available for farm storage.  

    Why Our Shed Kits Are Best?