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Skillion Roof Storage Shed, 4' x 6'

Skillion Roof Storage Shed, 4' x 6'

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The Skillion Roof Storage Shed (4' x 6') is perfect for a small backyard with outdoor storage needs. As an 8-piece shed kit delivered straight to your door, it’s easy to assemble and has a simple yet modern design style.

  • 8 PIECE SHED KIT: Our shed kit ships straight to your doorstep, only requires a screw gun and level to assemble. and can be assembled in as little as one hour.
  • GREAT FOR SMALL YARDS: The shed ships disassembled in easy-to-put-together pieces, so you can get this shed into a backyard that you wouldn't be able to get a fully built shed into. And, because of it's economical size, the shed is perfect for smaller yards, so you can make the most of your outdoor space. But don't get us wrong, this shed is a great storage solution for any size yard!
  • LONG LASTING: This storage shed features a single sloping roof and a 4' wide by 20" deep overhang over the door, durable LP 50 Year Smart Siding, and 40-year metal roof. Additionally, we use two coats of paint plus a coat of primer on the pieces.
  • DOOR & FLOOR: No more bumping your head going in and out of the doorway. Door size is 4’ wide by 6’4” high. And, our storage shed includes a water-resistant engineered subfloor.
  • Allow 2-3 weeks delivery from time of ordering.

The Organization Package Includes: (1) Workbench with Pegboard and Accessories, (1) Cord Hook, and (1) Cordless Tool Shelf.

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Made in the USA

The Skillion Roof Storage Shed, 4' x 6' is designed and made with care in Lancaster, PA, USA. With Amish quality and craftsmanship, you can rest assured the products you buy from us will look great and last long, very long!

The Skillion Roof Storage Shed, 4' x 6', is a shed kit that’s delivered to your front door, comes in only 8 pieces, and only requires a screw gun and level to assemble. And the assembly will only take as little as one hour! With easy-to-follow instructions, you will have your shed assembled and ready for use before you know it!

This shed is the perfect way to store whatever outdoor tools and equipment you have. The white wooden shed, accented by clean black metal trim, is modern and sophisticated, and it is sure to match any style of home.

Made with a 40-year metal roof and durable LP 50 Year Smart Siding (which offers superior protection against hail, wind, and moisture), this shed delivers the best quality for a great price. It also features a water-resistant engineered subfloor, so you don’t have to worry about building a floor for your shed.

Designed by a shed professional who has been in the shed industry for over 15 years. We want to make organization easy for you, so that it’s one less thing to think about. Our goal is to take care of the organization, so you can spend your time and energy doing what you do best, whatever that may be!

Key Details:

  • - Faceboard: 4.5"
  • - Overhang: 5.5" overhang on eaves
  • - Dripedge: metal drip edge on roof perimeter
  • - Door: 4' x 6'4" single door with keyed latch
  • - Trim: 2.5"
  • - Metal threshold
  • - Floor Joists: 2" x 4" floor joists with 2" x 6" rim board
  • - LP 50 Year Smart Siding
  • - 40 Year Metal Roof
  • - Water Resistant Engineered Subfloor
  • - Primer Plus Two Coats of Paint

Instruction Manual

Skillion Roof Storage Shed, 4' x 6' Instruction Manual

Skillion Roof Storage Shed Kit, 4 Ft x 6 Ft, Walk-Around Tour

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EASY-to-set-up Amish shed kits (under 1 hour)! Watch video below to see.