About Us

Fun and Innovative Easy-to-build Storage Accessories for your Shed or Garage

We work with Amish-trained craftsmen because they excel at creating high-quality goods. We collaborate with the most skilled craftsman to provide our customers with premium merchandise.

From our paneled, easy-to-put-together Sheds to our Accessories that are fun and innovative, SHEDorize is the go-to place for your Outdoor Structure. Each product is thoughtfully constructed for ease of mind. Sheds don’t have to be complicated.

Growing up in Lancaster county, core values have always been an important part of our daily lives. SHEDorize prides itself on the values that have been taught to us over the years.

  • Honesty: We are committed to being sincere, trustworthy, and fair.
  • Customer Care: EVERY customer is to be cared for by each of us. Our workmanship, their concerns, and our relationship with each is the #1 priority to each of us!
  • Relationships: We value people… our families, employees, and customers.
  • Giving: We are passionate about giving to those in need.
  • Excellence: Every task is to be done with excellence. We serve each other and do our best at all times.
  • Honor: We honor and respect every relationship.
  • Solution Finding: For every problem that arises there is a solution. Each of us is a solution finder.
  • Justice: We stand up for the little guy and the underdog. We speak boldly and help these people face their oppressors.

Contact us or call today for more information or with any questions at 866-548-1625.

OUR MISSION: Treat every customer in such a memorable way that when the transaction is complete, the customer tells someone else how great it was!