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SHEDorize shed kits have numerous advantages over big box store (i.e. Home Depot, Ikea, Lowes, Northern Tool, 84 Lumber, Costco, etc.) shed kits, including:

  • A single sloping metal roof that sheds rain and snow, good for 40 years (including a metal drip ledge to prevent water seepage)
  • A 5 ½ inch overhand on the eaves
  • A 20-inch overhang that covers the full 4-foot door opening
  • A roomy single door (4-foot-wide x 6 foot 4 inches tall), so you don’t bump your head…and a keyed latch
  • A water and rot-resistant engineered subfloor
  • Durable LP 50-Year Smart Siding for superior protection against moisture, wind, and hail
  • Outside panels are primed, then sealed with two coats of 15-year paint
  • Joists are 2”x4” with 2”x6” rim boards
  • Screws are already attached to the inside joists for easier fastening
  • Easy to follow instructions (a video, too)
  • Extra screws & extra touch-up paint included
  • Accessories designed specifically for SHEDorize shed that are easy to order and install

Our sheds have the shortest delivery-to-enjoyment life cycle around! In addition, you won't have to paint or build a floor with our sheds.

SHEDorize shed kits are thoughtfully crafted, quick to deliver, and save you time on installation. They're beautifully designed to last long, so from cart to installation, our shed kits have the lowest total cost of ownership over time in the industry.

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Shed Kits