Collection: Bike, Ladder & Lumber Racks

Bulky items like stepladders and bikes can hang together on longer hooks. These 20-inch hooks can hold two bikes, stepladders, and even a few layers of cords and accessories . . . up to 75 pounds. Many folks order two to keep ladders and folding chairs balanced and hanging evenly. Every single rack is adequately welded for strength and durability and, of course, comes with proper screws for easy installation.

SHEDorize accessories also include a three-level adjustable rack, perfect for lumber, vertical ladder storage, and even sports equipment. This multipurpose workhorse can also be used as heavy-duty shelving but was designed for horizontal storage, up to 150 pounds. Store your skis, stack up some lumber and keep your extension ladder right where you need it with this clever lumber rack. Each rack comes with two preassembled sides (and proper screws), so spacing width is up to you. 

And check out the SHEDorize adjustable ceiling shelf, which is designed to maximize storage from the rafters. The shelf comes with adjustable brackets so it can be used on flat ceilings as well as slanted ceilings, adding eight square feet of storage above our head. Proper screws and schematics are included for easy installation.

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Bike, Ladder & Lumber Racks