Collection: Garden Tool Hooks & Cord and Hose Hooks

Keep longer handled tools within sight and organized in your shed. From weed whackers to shovels, pitchforks to rakes, brooms to scrapers, and more, a garden tool rack (with four sets of hooks) can hold just about anything across a 48-inch span. You can also purchase a single version (one set of hooks) to organize hanging tools in smaller spaces. Like all SHEDorize accessories, fasteners are included for fast and easy installation. Each set of hooks can hold up to 60 pounds, so the rack can hold up to 240 pounds, whereas the single hook set can hold 60 pounds.

Keep extension cords, hoses, bungee cords, and more off the floor and organized with SHEDorize’s heavyweight Cord and Hose Hooks. They also hold brooms and garden accessories (up to 75 pounds) on preassembled hooks and include screws, so attaching hooks to a stud, beam, or drywall is a snap.

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Garden Tool Hooks & Cord and Hose Hooks