Collection: Feed and Hay Troughs

Another clever SHEDorize accessory includes Feed and Hay Troughs. These Amish-designed units can be mounted on stud or unfinished walls, and can be used with the SHEDorize sheds, in the barn, and even in trailers. As with all SHEDorize products, the troughs are powder-coated steel for long-lasting durability and come with the screws needed for easy installation. Both items have rounded, non-sharp edges to prevent nicks and cuts to animals as they feed.

The Feed Trough holds up to 30 pounds of feed and can be used at any height your livestock needs. It is made of powder-coated steel for rust-free durability and can be mounted to just about any flat surface. The Hay Rack can hold up to 4 cakes of hay, keeping it clean and off the ground. 

When the trough and the rack are used together, it is recommended that the rack be fastened 16 inches above the trough when using the system for horses. Spacing recommendations will differ with different livestock. 

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Feed and Hay Troughs